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Elder Abuse

Why women live longer than men?

            Research shows that life expectancy among women is higher than in men. Men are disadvantaged socially and biologically right from the time of conception. Various reasons arguably explain why women have high life expectancy than men. Women are less likely to be daredevils; hence they live longer than men who participate in life-threatening activities. Most men succumb to unintentional injuries, unlike women who are ever careful with their lives. Men are more likely to take risk actions than their female counterparts hence reducing their life expectancy. The daredevil nature of men which reduces their life span is related to their biological composition. For instance, the frontal lobes found in the brain develop more slowly in men than in women. The frontal lobes are responsible for the calculation of risk hence its low development in men contributes to them to make risk decisions in their lives.

Men succumb to heart diseases more often than women. Women tend to live longer than men because heart disease attacks them after reaching their menopause unlike in men who attack them at their 30s and 40s. Estrogen produced before women reaches their menopause assists in keeping strong as well as flexible arteries hence reducing the risk of heart disease among women. Women have a stronger social network which increases their live longevity. Many friends make people reduce stress which is attributed to unnecessary death in the world. Stronger social networks make women have many friends to share their challenges which would otherwise stress them to death. Men tend to have fewer friends than women, therefore succumbing to stress. Lastly, women take better care of their health unlike men hence the reason why they live longer than them. Women are likely to attend medical checkup even when they are not sick than men. Women have regular physicians tasked with monitoring their health condition as opposed to men.

Are women or men more likely to experience elder abuse?

            Elder abuse affects happiness, health, and safety of a person. Older people experience numerous kind of harm and torture from family members and other trusted people. The wicked problem happens in the community, at home, and in institutions. Women and men experience both neglect and abuse at their old age. Research has it that women are more likely to experience family violence than men because they live longer than them. Adult children perpetuate the abuse of older women. Women are more likely to suffer abuse in their life than men because women are ever subjected to abuse at their tender age which continues throughout their life. Nevertheless, women are more vulnerable than men to experience emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Women have fewer sources of finance than men at their old age; hence they suffer elder abuse more than men since they cannot afford to meet their daily expenses.

Women experience elder abuse than men because they have a high life expectancy. The size of women at their old age disadvantages them since they cannot protect themselves from elder abuse like the physical one. Women tend to be very small in size compared to men. Men have low life expectancy hence live their partner (women) to live alone thus subjecting her to elder abuse. Women are more likely to experience elder abuse than men when they live alone after the death of their husbands. Women, primarily live in residential care facilities compared to men hence the vulnerability of experiencing elder abuse from the caregivers.



Three explanations for the gender differences in elder abuse

Women and men experience elder abuse differently due to their gender. For example, the strong social network which helps them to manage stress makes them live longer; hence they suffer elder abuse, unlike men who died a long time ago due to stress-related diseases. Men have a few friends, and therefore, he keeps his challenging issues to himself thus experiencing a lot of stress. Men do not live to their old age; hence do not suffer elder abuse like women. Older men are less likely to have support and protection from their friends like women have. Women live longer due to high health awareness than men. Health awareness among women helps them to live more years than their male counterparts, and therefore they experience elder abuse alone. When the husband dies of daredevil nature, he lives his window who may live longer thus suffering elder abuse. Women do not engage in life-threatening activities like men hence live longer and therefore experience elder abuse. It is a gender difference that makes women experience elder abuse more than men. It is also through gender difference that women suffer elder abuse because they live longer than men since estrogen protects them from heart-related disease, unlike men who succumb to them in their 30s and 40s.

Do your answers to questions 1 and three above overlap in any way?

            The answers for question one and three do overlap in many ways. For instance, the issue of daredevil nature in men is due to gender difference which makes men possess the character of engaging in risky activities. The daredevil nature makes men die at a tender age, unlike women who do not participate in dangerous and life-threatening actions. The fear of women helps them to live longer; hence they experience elder abuse.  Heart disease and a strong social network are other coincidental answers to the two questions.

Anticipated career role

            My anticipated career role as a professional psychologist is to educate people on how to take care of old people in their society. I will implement educational programs to educated guardians and caregivers to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to deal with old people in any community. It is imperative for a society to take good care of old individuals in society. The implementation of educational programs on proper care of old people will reduce the increasing cases of elder abuse in communities. The education will also ensure people in society develop a kind heart of assisting the old people.

Wicked problems must be tackled jointly

The weekend problem of lack of food and water should be addressed together with elder abuse. Older adults need food and water in their daily lives, and therefore, the absence of one of the crucial needs will amount to elder abuse. Food is essential since it is a basic need for everybody regardless of age. Water will also assist older adults in keeping high standards of health. Water is equally as important as food. Elder abuse starts when an old person is denied food and water to drink hence the need to solve the three wicked problems jointly.