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April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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Topic 1: Mental Health (Management of Care, Health Promotion and Maintenance and Reduction of Risk Potential).

In order to pass the NCLEX-RN test, one is required to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in mental health concepts in order to recognize the signs of impaired cognition, assess patients for alterations in cognition, apply knowledge in patient psychopathology, provide care for chronic and acute behavioral issues and assess the patient’s ability in adhering to the treatment plan. This is one area of opportunity to improve on. One learning strategy that would help me address my learning needs is using case studies that include lab tables, visual cues and patient feedback in order to increase my engagement and force me to critically think about real-life examples. This is especially helpful in maintenance of metal well-being and prevention of mental health conditions, an area where I scored poorly. Another learning strategy I intend to employ is the service-based strategy. This involves structured learning outside the classroom in the community or clinical setting. This tactic is effective because of its potential to encourage and engage learners in dealing with real-life circumstances (Ghasemi et al., 2020).

One resource I will use to improve in this topic is the use of asynchronous discussion boards on mental health. This involves a collection of learner feedback, interactions and discussions on common nursing topics using web technologies. This enables deeper understanding of the topic and engagement. Another resource is taking NCLEX-RN practice questions to gauge and improve my knowledge in psychiatric nursing. There are numerous websites that offer quizzing programs intended to maximize studying efforts and can also act as formative assessment. Additionally, virtual communities act as online learning applications with numerous interconnecting character stories for learners to connect emotionally and engage with enabling the application of the knowledge they have acquired.

Topic 2: Maternal Newborn and Women’s Health

An understanding of maternal newborn and women’s health is essential in passing the NCLEX-RN test and proves the ability to incorporate maternity knowledge in nursing care in a clinical setting. The first learning strategy that would help me address my inadequacies in this topic is involvement in community-based strategies such as the Global Breastfeeding Collective led by WHO and UNICEF. This approach will give me first hand experiences in dealing with such issues as well as how to deal with the obstacles preventing newborn and women’s health. The second strategy involves simulation with manikins. This method offers repeatable and safe practice conditions and increases learner engagement.

The resources I will utilize include the use of research to identify evidence-based practice. PubMed and Medline are some online databases that offer articles on the same. Additionally, team-based learning is another approach I can utilize in addressing my needs in this area. This method students to learn from experts in specific fields and nurtures self-directed learning, teamwork and ultimately engagement in clinical and academic settings (Oldland et al., 2017).



The live review helped in improving my self-identified priority concepts by breaking down the nursing content in the test into specific categories that allow for deeper exploration.and analysis. For example, in mental health, I scored well in health promotion and maintenance but poorly in reduction of risk potential.  The live review is carried out in a manner that enables learning through tools that adjust to answers in real time providing precise results in areas where more study effort is needed. Additionally, the live review helped in improving my self-identified priority concepts through understanding the NCLEX-RN exam format, understanding the actual content of the test and being physically and mentally prepared for the test. One strategy that resonated is the need to understand the format. This review will help me prepare for the actual test by developing a study plan that matches. The second strategy is time management. In the actual NCLEX-RN test, I will not spend too much time on analyzing questions or second guess myself but instead answer them to the best of my ability. Finally, I will try and select client-based answers. Clinical practice requires prioritizing patient needs and thus is more likely to be correct if it relates to the question’s topic.




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