NR443 Week 8 Social Media Discussion

April 23, 2024
NR443 Week 7: Disaster Preparedness
April 23, 2024
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NR443 Week 8 Social Media Discussion

Among the concerns that are inherent in public health is access to health services. Most health systems do not operate in a manner that healthcare is provided to the entire population. The citizens are normally covered through a combination of varied state programs and private insurance. As a result, there is always a population that is at risk. In this particular case, it is the low income earning individuals. The high cost associated with health services is the aspect that puts low income earning individuals at risk when it comes to matters of health care access. This is usually attributed to a lack of health insurance coverage. In the long-run, it is something that increases mortality among low-income earners since they are likely to succumb to preventable deaths.

EHR makes it easy to gain data on a patient’s records coming from multiple doctors. This is something that helps to improve a patient’s care since it reduces instances of medical error given that there is clarity and accuracy of medical records and also reduces duplication of tests hence reducing delays in treatment. In the long run, this is an aspect that makes patients trust health care providers regardless of where they are accessing the health services from.

#COVID19 is an unprecedented global health challenge that can only be met with unprecedented cooperation between governments, researchers, manufacturers and multilateral partners.” This is a tweet by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that is likely to impact future collaboration in community health. This is because it shows the need to share information and other resources hence reducing inherent duplication, delays, and errors.

My Tweet: It has become possible for everyone to gain entry into the health care system

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