Strategic Versus Deep Learning

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April 30, 2024
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Strategic Versus Deep Learning

There are times when balancing school life and other aspects of one’s life can be tricky. This results in adopting varied learning strategies.  I can remember a particular class where I had to adopt a strategic learning approach as opposed to deep learning. It was a psychology class, and the aspect came about since I was trying to balance my work life and school life. I had to commute a lot given the distance between my workplace, school, and home. The class had numerous reading s and assignments, and hence I only focused on the information that I needed to help complete my tests and assignments due to time constraints.

The nursing process entails the appraisal of psychosocial and physical needs while the learning process entails the determination of readiness to learn, inherent needs, and learning styles. The nursing process also involves the development of care plans that are based on goal setting that help to meet individual needs while the learning process involves the development of teaching plans that are based on pre-determined behavioral outcomes to help meet individuals needs (Lilley et al., 2015). There is also the determination of psychosocial and physical changes in the evaluation for the nursing process, while in the learning process, it is all about determining the outcomes like attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

Nurses usually play a critical role in the learning and teaching process. This is because they play the role of family and patient education to help equip them with the necessary knowledge regarding the desired wellness process. This is why health education has become a component of health promotion. As a result, nurses have a role of facilitating learning and encouraging patients to become good learners by enabling them to see the value of the information being provided for their health and wellness promotion (American Nurses Association, 2015). This is where the nurse will be able to assist the patients meet their health goals through health education.


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